10 Ways to create a harmonious living space.

Health in times of lock down

During our last lock down I was completely bewildered.  All of a sudden, most of my work within BreakFree was deemed illegal by our Government.  Instead of using my time to properly harmonize our family home, I wound up watching the full series of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix and followed that up by re-reading “Flowers in the Attic” (in silent protest at being so enclosed).

I could not have chosen to do worse!  My living space felt terrible.

This time, not without effort, I decided to practice what I preach to followers of BreakFree and spend my extra time differently. Here are my ideas around keeping our space, not only harmonious – but bright and hopeful for a happy and healthy future.

  1. Turn off the news and media for most of the day (thought I would get the most obvious one out of the way).  In the best of times, media can be negative and biased.  Give it a rest!
  2. Fill your space with green plants and music!  While some may choose a Tibetan singing bowl or Feng-Shui bell – any beautiful, resonant sound waves that make us feel good can help us cleanse and refresh a space.
  3. Consider using a diffuser with essential oils.  Although burning Sage is all the fashion, my favourite is Frankincense.  This is such a powerful essential oil for clearing negativity and attracting spirituality.
  4. Be a good Samaritan and do something nice for your neighbours.  It can be as simple as bringing back their wheelie bin or leaving some lemons on the doorstep.  In these times of community division and suspicion, attracting good energy into your surrounds is more important than ever.
  5.  Wear lots of colour – every day!!! Black will attract negative energy into your home and make you feel worse.
  6. Open the curtains and blinds and use as little artificial light as you can.  Sometimes a mirror in a darker room can really help.
  7. Consider the benefits and good luck of a small tank with three gold fish placed near the front door.  Feng Shui custom suggests that two goldfish and one black fish bring fortune and money into your home.  If you hate cleaning out tanks, try an “ EcoSphere” –  a completely enclosed, glass ecosystem of fish and algae which you never have to feed or clean.  I have seen this advertised on Amazon.  It looks amazing!!!
  8. If the sounds of music don’t grab you – tune in to the sounds of water or the ocean!  Many clinical studies suggest that being close to or listening to water will reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
  9. Consider EMF radiation within your home – and protect yourself.  Don’t go to sleep with technology in your room, turn off your router overnight – use aluminium where possible to block out harmful rays!  Yes, you heard me, aluminium foil!  Try wrapping up your mobile in a package of foil and telling me whether it rings?  That’s right – it can no longer connect to the phone tower or the WIFI.
  10. Get those family portraits and happy snaps up on the wall.  Filling your space with memories and beautiful moments is the surest way to clean out old energy and replace it with new. 

Then sit back, enjoy and LOVE your space.


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