Medical Coercion

These days we are living in a very changed world.  The global acceptance of a pandemic has coincided with the loss of many basic freedoms previously enjoyed in Australia.  Personal decisions around health and safety are being made on our behalf and our right to health choice has been removed.  Authorities will now make decisions for children as young as 12 over the wishes of their parents.

There can never be a “one size fits all” solution for health care – even during a pandemic. Every therapy or medicine has a place in the scheme of things and when offered with good intentions, respect and without coercion, is bound to be the perfect fit for somebody.

When people live within a culture of fear and force, they slowly lose access to the most basic of their needs.  Their very reasons for living are also threatened. This results in grief, pain, illness, trauma and climbing suicide rates.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs (first developed in 1943) towards the end of World War 2, is as relevant now as it was back then.  Maslow and his pyramid (pictured) explain just what it means to be human.

Our loss of medical and personal freedoms have touched Australian’s in many different ways. In the beginning, lock-downs largely affected needs at the tip of the pyramid. Many families, however, have endured cruel separations for months at a time.  The most horrific are current threats made by State “Health Directives”. These deny food and health care to anybody unwilling to “get the jab”. 

Good health cannot exist without freedom of choice and without freedom, most of us do not remain healthy. Freedom is like the sun to plants. Few plants will survive in darkness.

At BreakFree you will never find discrimination or abuse but the freedom to choose health care that is right for YOU. 

Please find a list of organizations dedicated to protecting our health and freedoms – and go peacefully with courage and without fear.    (Homeopathy products which protect against vaccine injury)