Death of the human cell

Most of us know that the billions of tiny cells which give form to the human body require a delicate balance of water, oxygen and minerals to stay alive.  If this delicate balance is not maintained, our tissues and organs become stressed and start to die.

Hypoxia (or lack of oxygen) is one of the quickest ways for an organ to fail – followed by introduced toxins which may interfere with how each cell or tissue functions.

But in such a toxic world, what on earth can we do to prevent illness and maintain quality of life?  It seems as if there is a lot going on out there which can clearly make us unwell if not lead to a serious illness.  In a nutshell, each and every one of us are so much more resilient than society, our government and/or health systems and advertising allow us to believe. Health does not necessarily need to be a complex or political arena.  At BreakFree, I believe that only a little advice is really needed.  Firstly –

  1. Educate yourself to make healthy choices – (think, research, reason) and only study sources that are well researched by qualified people who TELL YOU WHO THEY ARE.  Trust your instincts and make your own decisions.  What is right for one may not always be what is right for another.  You decide where it is best to live, what food to eat and yes, what treatments, medications and/or jabs are really needed. If you make a health decision based on fear, is it really the best one for you?
  2. Make health a priority! Choose therapies which – “first do no harm”!  Try energy or remedial treatments which do not introduce any substances to the body.  Reflexology is a great therapy which balances and helps you detox. Massage or soft tissue therapies, Reiki, theta, kinesiology or pranic healing are amazing ways to keep you well when combined with diet and sufficient rest.  There are so many to choose from!
  3. Develop confidence in your body!  In the face of so much stress in our daily lives, free radicals waiting to pounce, toxins in our air/food/medications, etc. our bodies have an enormous capacity to heal and preserve us.  Healthy lungs will breathe in the oxygen we need, our liver and kidneys will detoxify poisons. Even now, as you are reading these words, thousands of “killer cells” are flowing through your immune system searching for abnormal, mutated or cancerous cells to destroy.  Our bodies which developed over thousands of years can recognize just about any cell that plays host to a virus, for example; – and destroy it pretty quickly! Our natural bodies can still be trusted.

One more word of advice to sum things up – Always give your body a chance to function and heal as nature intended before you jump in at the deep end!