Melbourne Theta Healing Services - ONLINE

Imagine choosing your own space where you can engage with your therapist from your own warm, and private environment – sipping on a cup of tea (or quietly meditating) and where you do not feel the need to re-live and re-hash any of your past griefs and traumas AGAIN! Where you do not feel that you are running around in circles, stripped bare and exhausted after telling the same, hurtful story.

Many theta converts have been trapped in this vicious cycle. Traditional counselling from a clinic room is not always for everyone. Especially when you feel stuck, and you are not moving forward. Theta healing online sessions may give you all the help you need to work through rigid emotions and develop new hope and energy.

Theta is like reverse hypnosis where Melinda will access a very powerful, theta brainwave (without going to sleep!), connect with the universe and tell you what she sees. You will make changes around your thoughts and beliefs, working together at a deep, genetic and soul level. Online theta healing will help you relax your nervous system, balance your hormones, and improve your self-esteem and your relationships with others. The emotional healing will help you work through depression and anxiety disorders, addiction, trauma, abuse and more.

Online or in person, theta really works!

Melbourne theta counselling sessions are based at our clinic near Point Cook, but YOU can attend online from anywhere it suits you to be.  All you need is an open mind and to zoom into your appointment.

Melbourne Theta Healing Services - ONLINE