Tailored to you

A BreakFree session will entail what you want it to. You are very much in control. Below are the main methodologies that are utilised in your BreakFree sessions, however other useful therapies which can also be combined in your sessions include:

Lymphatic Drainage or Massage   –    Reiki    –    Australian Bush Flower Remedies    –    Basic Nutritional Guidance    –    Supportive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling with Theta

Everything in life happens for a reason. Nothing is accidental. Even the fact you are reading these words is happening for a purpose. An illness, a headache, an ongoing depression, or painful events that repeat themselves, are intuitive messages your mind or body makes to tell you that something is not quite right.

A session of theta explores these messages and starts to rewrite them.

You will make great shifts in how you think, start to resolve problems differently, clear away unwanted energy and work at a very deep and intuitive soul level. Your progress with theta will be much faster and deeper than with other traditional therapies.

Theta is the most intuitive brainwave that we have, and we naturally pass through theta on our way to delta, every night when we fall asleep. It’s our portal to the universe and the spiritual world. In a session, Melinda will access theta, connect you both to the universe and tell you what she sees. The changes you make together are powerful and permanent.

Unlike most energetic or intuitive therapies, theta counselling does not involve any touch. If you are not in Melbourne, you can access your sessions by phone or online. Locals can book into our clinic near Point Cook, Melbourne.

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Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Energetic Space Clearing

Whether your home has an unwanted presence, is the sight of a relationship breakdown or other trauma, has dark energy, is a deceased estate or just won’t sell in the market; an energetic clean out can be just as effective as a declutter of junk.

A BreakFree space clearing will connect to a powerful portal into the spiritual world and is an effective and unique method of refreshing your space and ensuring that unwanted and stagnant energy moves on, including anything paranormal.

Melinda will help you to raise your vibrations and repel the energy you no longer need. An Energetic Space clearing is “climate control” as you and your space adjust to one another.

You can use a space clearing for your home, your car or office and can even combine it with some theta counselling or basic feng shui ….

Melinda can house call within Melbourne and parts of western Victoria and in some cases, may also work with you online. Pop onto a discovery call or send her your details to find out more. In an emergency, please call 0425 877 415

Your space is an extension of your life …. Clean it, heal it, love it.


Foot and Facial Reflexology

Reflexology is the art of balancing your physical, emotional and energetic you! Its an excellent tool to improve your wellbeing without the need for drugs.

Most people picture feet when they think of Reflexology. But in the same way that eyes are the window to the soul, your foot is often the key to your health. The tiny roadmaps on the soles of your feet, hands, ears and face are connected to all the organs and systems of your body, both energetically and physically. Melinda looks and feels for congestion in those reflexes and gets the flow of energy moving again.

Scientifically proven benefits of Reflexology include:

  • better sleep and vitality,
  • detoxification,
  • increased lymphatic stimulation,
  • hormonal balance and
  • reduced stress and anxiety.


Melinda also applies Foot Reflexology to relax muscles, align the spine and improve flexibility.

Based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, Reflexology is renowned for the prevention of illness and its encouragement of the mind to silently work through emotions and process information. People who suffer depression, trauma or addiction to substances, grow. Emotional and physical pain will begin to disappear. Reflexology reduces symptoms, prevents “dis-ease” and promotes your health.

While Foot Reflexology is a favourite with most, Melinda may combine your session with auriculotherapy (ear points) or facial and hand Reflexology.

Reflexology is a touch therapy and must take place at BreakFree, near Melbourne’s Point Cook. If you are housebound and reside in the surrounding suburbs of Point Cook, home visits may be arranged. Feel free to drop us an enquiry or book into a single session under “Soft Tissue Therapies”.

Who can BreakFree help?

Melinda works with people who are at cross-roads in their life and are searching for answers and adjusting to change.

Moving into a different life stage like becoming a parent, menopause, senior years or coping with separation and loss, are examples of situations where BreakFree may help.

Melinda is very family oriented and will often work with children, partners and pets as part of your story.

Everybody is treated with respect and support – no matter who they are and where they are travelling.

Melinda looks forward to supporting you too.

If you are confident in how the therapies may help you grow – why not choose a package from the options below.

Mini package
  • 3 x theta/intuitive counselling sessions (zoom or clinic)
  • 2 x body work sessions which may include lymph drainage, reflexology, or massage
  • 1 x space clearing (zoom)


Safe package
  • 6 x theta/intuitive counselling (phone/zoom or clinic)


The works package
  • 5 x theta/intuitive counselling sessions (via phone/zoom or clinic)
  • 2 x 60-minute body work sessions (lymph drainage, reflexology, massage etc.)
  • 1 x space clearing session (at home or via zoom) with combined extra theta session (if requested)
  • Australian Bush Flower Remedy


Prices will be subject to change. Add ons available with ANY Package:

  • (Optional = 1 x space clearing – zoom)


  • (Optional bush flower remedy) –

    $30 + postage  

Still not sure which package may work for you?